Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies (CAMTech)

The Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies is a global network of academic, clinical, corporate and implementation partners working to improve and accelerate high-quality, affordable medical technology development for emerging markets and middle-income countries.

Global Disaster Response (GDR)

Global Disaster Response at MGH Global Health provides a professional response to those affected by disasters and emergencies around the world.

Global Medicine

The Global Medicine Program at Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Medicine integrates the principles and practice of global health and primary care to develop future leaders with the skills, experience, and commitment to advance health equity and strengthen health systems in the U.S. and around the world.

Global Nursing

The Global Nursing Program at MGH Global Health provides nursing education and promotes nursing leadership to increase the capacity of nurses and midwives to improve clinical outcomes for the populations they serve.

Thomas S. Durant Fellowship for Refugee Medicine

The Thomas S. Durant Fellowship honors dedication and service to sponsor health care professionals to serve refugee populations and victims of complex humanitarian disasters. The fellowship fosters in its recipients a sense of commitment to populations in distress and to provide education to aid in the prevention and treatment of disease in refugee populations.