Mass General Global Health Service Award Program

“When in distress, every man becomes our neighbor.”
James Jackson and John Collins Warren 1810

Inspired and challenged by our founding principles, the mission of MGH Global Health is to leverage the Massachusetts General Hospital 200-year legacy of innovation in medical care, education and discovery to improve health among the most vulnerable in our global community. Encompassing programs in more than 50 countries, our mission rests on three pillars: delivery of front-line medical care to victims of natural disasters, disease, poverty and war; education of the global health leaders of tomorrow; and fueling medical technology innovation to the benefit of all humanity.


Global Health Service Awards have three key objectives:

  • To encourage innovation, dedication, and commitment in the field of global health
  • To recognize individuals within the Mass General community who inspire, advance, and improve healthcare for underserved populations
  • To emphasize the benefits of global collaboration to improving healthcare at home and abroad


All employees of the Massachusetts General Hospital with projects that benefit local, national or international communities are eligible for a Global Health Service Award.


Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring Award: Awarded annually to an employee who has demonstrated exemplary leadership through education and mentorship of local or foreign faculty and/or students. This award is designed to honor an outstanding teacher whose dedication to teaching and mentorship has inspired others to pursue careers in global health research, teaching, or practice in building clinical capacity in low-resource countries or communities. Distinct accomplishments can include:

  • Developing clinical curricula to be used in low-resource settings
  • Mentoring students or junior faculty in an educational, research or clinical project which aims to benefit underserved populations
  • Demonstration of personal commitment to teaching faculty and students in limited resource settings to help build enduring clinical capacity
  • Demonstrated commitment to fostering intellectual, creative, and professional growth of those in the global health field

Excellence in Research Award: Awarded annually to a researcher whose work improves care for vulnerable populations through the creation and sharing of new knowledge. This may include:

  • Quantitative or qualitative research that aims to improve the health outcomes of a specific underserved community
  • Research projects in global health that contribute to the improvement of health of a defined population and aims to make a significant contribution to the public health practice knowledge base

Humanitarian Award: Awarded annually to an employee whose actions and commitment demonstrate extraordinary compassionate care for a local, national or international community in dire circumstances. This may include:

  • Providing direct patient care for vulnerable populations outside of usual hospital care;
  • Volunteering for missions to serve at-risk populations experiencing dire circumstance regardless of location or working conditions;
  • Demonstrated commitment to the growth of the field of global disaster response management.

Awards: Each recipient will receive a bonus of $500 and up to $1,000 in support of future travel, materials or supplies. 

Nomination Instructions

Please submit nominations via our online form at Re-nomination of a previous nominee is highly encouraged. (Please see on-line form for truncated process)

Nominations will be accepted from March 1-31, 2018. Award recipients will be announced at the 7th annual Global Health Expo on May 15th at 12:00 p.m.

Award Requirements

  • Application coversheet – Basic demographics of nominator and nominee including contact information
  • One letter of nomination by an MGH employee. Letters must be signed and on official letterhead
  • Optional but preferred - One additional letter of support

Award-specific Requirements:

  • Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring Award – An additional letter of support from a student, resident, or fellow is strongly encouraged
  • Excellence in Research – A short description of ongoing research is required
  • Humanitarian Award - No additional items needed

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I nominated someone last year for a Global Health Service Award. Can I nominate again them this year?
A: Yes! Please fill out the application and click on the box “This Person Was a Past Nominee”. While additional documentation is not required, you will be given the option to upload any new materials that you feel will strengthen your previous application.

Q: Can an employee be selected for an award more than once?
A: Yes, there is no limit to the number of times an employee may be nominated or selected for a Global Health Service Award.

Q: My nominee is a volunteer on the Global Disaster Response team and they teach residents and fellows. Can they be nominated for more than one award in a single year?
A: Yes. Individuals can be eligible for multiple awards in a single year. However, you will need to submit a unique nomination for each award.

Q: Do nominees need to be full-time employees of Mass General?
A: Yes, only full-time employees of the MGPO or MGH are eligible for Global Health Service Awards. Clinical and administrative nominees are welcome.

Q: Can individuals who are not employees at Mass General Hospital nominate someone?
A: Yes, employees working at Partners affiliated insitutions can nominate an employee of Mass General.

Q: Can Mass General employees in clinical training be nominated?
A: Yes, both residents and fellows are eligible for the Global Health Service Awards.

If you have any further questions, please contact Sara Mian-McCarthy at