CAMTech Accelerator Program (CAP)

The CAMTech Accelerator Program (CAP) is a new initiative on the CAMTech Innovation Platform (CIP) that provides CIP users with robust support for early-stage global health technologies focused on improving health outcomes in low- and middle-income countries. CAMTech will select three teams through a formal application process to launch a six-month pilot of the CAP. In addition to the existing expertise and resources provided through the CIP, each team will receive the following additional support to accelerate the path to commercialization:

  • CAMTech Innovation Award milestone-based funding (up to $25,000 USD) to support prototype/ product development, feasibility and design studies, and commercialization/scale up efforts.
  • A CAP Coach who will offer project management services to assist entrepreneurial teams in product development and commercialization efforts.
  • Participation in the CAMTech Accelerator Program (CAP) Cohort, which will help to publicize a team’s innovation and provide a wide range of peer-to-peer engagement opportunities.
  • Guided and customized expert match-making with CAMTech’s extensive global network of partners and collaborators to provide targeted mentorship (including ad hoc on-the-ground services depending on the country) via the CAMTech Innovation Platform.

*All CAP applicants must first login or sign-up on the CIP.

Additional information and CAP application resources:  RFP FAQ and CAP required templates.