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Episode 8

Designing Under the Mango Tree with Jonathan Jackson, CEO of Dimagi

In episode eight of CAMTech Chats, CAMTech’s Director, Dr. Kris Olson, chats with Jonathan Jackson, the Co-Founder and CEO of Dimagi, about the translational grant CAMTech awarded Dimagi six years ago, the growth of CommCare, engaging frontline health providers in human centered-design, and what he wishes all innovators in impact-oriented social enterprise would be laser focused on.


Episode 7

Andrea Ippolito on Circuitous Career Paths, Leaning into Your Strengths and Following Your Passions

CAMTech uses a co-creation model to accelerate the cycle from idea to patient impact and commercialization by convening experts in clinical medicine, public health, engineering, design, business, and government.

In a way, Andrea Ippolito puts a face on CAMTech’s co-creation model. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Engineering Management Program at Cornell University, and she’s held positions at the Department of Veterans Affairs, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and General Services Administration, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Boston Scientific. She’s also the co-founder of Smart Scheduling, which athenahealth acquired in 2016.

In episode 7 of CAMTech Chats, we’ll hear from Andrea about innovating in these different sectors, discuss the importance of failing fast, and learn about her challenges and successes as a woman working in innovation.


Episode 6

“What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?” A 9-Year Old Innovator with Sights Set to Save Lives

In Episode 6 of CAMTech Chats, Ofeibea Quist-Arcton, National Pubic Radio’s Africa Correspondent, opens with a sound bite from her lecture delivered on the International Day of the Girl titled Why Reporting the Voices of African Women and Girls Matters.

Her talk is incredibly well-suited to open this episode of CAMTech Chats, where we sought out the story of the youngest innovator at the 6th Annual CAMTech Uganda Medtech Hack-a-thon, a 9-year old-girl named Ehrina, and her mother, Dr. Viola Nyakato. Dr. Nyakato is the Dean of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST). Sandra Butler sat down with both Ehrina and Dr. Nyakato to hear about why they attend this year’s Hack-a-thon to innovate to improve community health services to attain universal health coverage.


Episode 5

Ahead of Empire State Opioid Epidemic Innovation Challenge, GEMs Boxes Reflects on Co-Creation

“You do no need to have a technical background. You need to have a desire to solve a problem and the willingness to work towards a solution.”

In Episode 5 of CAMTech Chats, we’re joined by Andrew Schwartz of GEMs Boxes, the team which won the $10,000 Post-Hack-a-thon Award during CAMTech’s 2016 Opioid Epidemic Challenge Summit & Hack-a-thon with the GE Foundation. As CAMTech responds to the opioid epidemic in New York during the Empire State Opioid Epidemic Innovation Challenge, Andrew reflects on why he first decided to participate and what he hoped to accomplish with the GEMs Boxes team.

A prescription pill bottle spilling out an assortment of pills

Episode 4

Boston to Bangalore: On the Global Gender Gap in the STEM, Corporate and Medtech Start-Up Ecosystems

In Episode 4 of CAMTech Chats, Sudha and Adarsh Natarajan highlight challenges and successes women face in the STEM, corporate and medtech startup ecosystem locally in India and globally, explain how championing gender equity has translated to raising their two daughters, and demonstrate how closing the gender gap in medtech can help accelerate solutions towards commercialization and patient impact.


Episode 3

Dr. Kris Olson on CAMTech’s Co-Creation Model, Human-Centered Design and Patient-Driven Innovation

“If we take a human-centered design approach and think about patient-driven innovation, by using [CAMTech’s platform and] co-creation model, you come up with minimally viable products that are more likely to solve people’s real needs at the point of care.”

In episode three of CAMTech Chats, Dr. Kris Olson, CAMTech’s Director, highlights CAMTech’s methodologies of co-creation, human-centered design and patient-driven innovation to be able to address a wide range of unmet healthcare needs, from the gender gap in medtech to gun violence prevention.


Episode 2

In Nairobi, Sisu Global Health Reflects on First Mile Innovation Challenge Award

In the second episode of CAMTech Chats, we’re speaking with Katie Kirsch who manages in-Africa operations, relationships and marketing for Sisu Global Health. Last year, Sisu Global Health won a Validation Award from Saving Lives at Birth.

Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) also won a Transition to Scale Award from Saving Lives at Birth for the Augmented Infant Resuscitator (AIR) device, which came from CAMTech’s open innovation platform and continues to traverse the road towards commercialization. MUST, CAMTech and Sisu Global Health each participated in the Accelerating Saving Lives at Birth Xcelerator Workshop in Nairobi this month.

In this episode, Katie reflects on winning CAMTech’s First Mile Innovation Challenge Award, shares a few challenges and successes women face in the startup ecosystem and offers advice to innovators.


Episode 1

Two Women Coders on Their Path to Andela

Episode one of CAMTech Chats gives a space to continue the conversation on closing the gender gap in medtech. Today we’re speaking with two Ugandan software developers from Andela Uganda, a network of technology leaders helping companies build high-performing engineering teams by investing in Africa’s most talented software developers. Backed by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, GV and Spark Capital, Andela is catalyzing the growth of tech ecosystems across the African continent while solving the global technical talent shortage.

Hadijah and Basemera discuss their roles at Andela Uganda, barriers women face in STEM fields and the gender gap. “Where your fear stops is where your success begins.”


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